Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Single's Awareness Day???

Ok. So this just cracks me up. I was thinking about this today at work.
Single's Awareness Day. Seriously. Who thought of that?
Isn't Valentines Day supposed to be about love? Regardless of whether one is single or not?

I dunno. Maybe I'm just some lunatic with a little extra thought time on hand.
Because it's kind of funny really.

I mean, it almost seems like a rights movement! Weird...
Yeah, I can see and understand where people come from on different perspectives on different rights and such, whether I agree with them or not, but this is really strange to me.
Must we have a day that is for love and, as Hallmark makes it up to be, for couples, changed in order to sate the single person?
Yes, I am single myself. But it just sounds...lame.

Anyways. Just something that seems really strange and just sounds plain ridiculous to me.


  1. FWIW V-day isn't a huge day for me. However, some people really struggle with being single and Valentine's Day is even harder on them since it reminds them of what they don't have. In the same way Mother's Day and Father's Day can be a huge struggle for couples who've been struggling with infertility. And frankly that is a part of the reason that I prefer churches that follow the liturgical year over the "Hallmark year." Love ya Nate, but I think this falls in the category of "you're too young to understand."